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August 5                                     Ciclo de Música Contemporánea de Ovideo

                                                              Oviedo, Spain

                                                              Norfolk Contemporary Ensemble

September 16                             Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                              Cover conductor for Alexander Mickelthwate

September 22                            Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

September 23                            POPS - ABBA: Arrival from Sweden

September 24                                                                 

September 27                             Royal Winnipeg Ballet

September 28                             The Princess and the Goblin

September 29

September 30

October 1

October 13                                  Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

October 14                                  Cover conductor for Alexander Mickelthwate

October 15                                  Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                               KIDS CONCERTS - Scheherazade

October 18                                  University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra

                                                    Music of Mozart, Gluck, J.C. Bach and Haydn

October 20                                  Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

October 21                                  POPS - Ashley MacIsaac

October 22                              


October 27                                   Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

October 28                                  Cover conductor for Daniel Raiskin                                   

November 3                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

November 4                                   Cover conductor for Alexander Mickelthwate

November 8                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                              SPECIAL - River East Transcona Concert

November 10                              Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

November 11                              POPS - Music of the Mad Men Era

November 12

November 29                              University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra

November 30                              Fully staged opera


December 1                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

December  2                                  Cover conductor for Jun Markl

December 3                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

December 5                                WSO Holiday Express Tour

December 6                       

December 10                             Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                    POPS - A Christmas Celebration

December 15                              Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

December 16                                 MASTERWORKS - Handel: Messiah                                                         

December 17                              Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                              KIDS CONCERTS - The Snowman

December  21                             Royal Winnipeg Ballet

December  22                             Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker

December  23

December  26

December  28

December  29

December  30

January 12                                 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

January 13                                    Cover conductor for Keri-Lynn Wilson

January 14                                 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                              KIDS CONCERTS - The Twins and the Monster         

January 15                                 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

January 16                                  MUSICAL DISCOVERIES - The Twins and the Monster

January 20                                Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

January 21                                 Film Live with Orchestra - Jurassic Park

January 30                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                   WINNIPEG NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL - Composer’s Institute

January 27                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

January 31                                 WINNIPEG NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL

February 2                                  Covering for Alexander Mickelthwate


February 15                               University of Manitoba Symphony


February 9                                  Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

February 10                                 Covering for Jose Luis Gomez

February 11                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                               SPECIAL IN BRANDON, MB


February 14                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                    Valentine’s Special

February 16                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

February 17                                 POPS - Film Live with Orchestra - Chaplin: City Lights Live

February 18


February 23                                Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

February 24                                 Covering for Yaron Traub

March 9                                      Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

March 10                                    Covering for Alexander Mickelthwate


March 13                                    Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

March 14                                     ADVENTURES IN MUSIC - Music in Motion                      

April 24

April 25

March 16                                    Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

March 17                                     POPS - A Chorus Line

March 18                                    Produced in Collaboration with Rainbow Stage

March 23                                    Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

March 24                                     Covering for Alexander Mickelthwate

March 25

April 6                                         Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

April 7                                         Covering for Jean Marie Zeitouni

April 4                                         University of Manitoba Symphony

April 8                                         Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                              KIDS CONCERTS - Al Simmons Symphonic Shenanigans   

April 15                                       Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

                                                             WMC McClellan Competition


April 21                                       Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

April 22                                        WSO AT THE MOVIES - The Wizard of Oz Live!

April 27                                       Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

April 28                                       POPS - Cirque de la Symphonie

April 29                                        

May 11                                       Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

May 12                                       Covering for Alexander Mickelthwate

June 22 - 30                               Norfolk New Music Ensemble

                                                   Part of the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival Composers Workshop

July 4                                         Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

July 5                                         WSO Summer Season Concerts

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2017 - 2018  Season